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wow! Okay Mr. Watt !! yes sir!! my lord

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i love this picture 

i love this picture 


@JaredLeto: What do you dream about?


@JaredLeto: What do you dream about?


Shirtless Shannon Leto in Portland - Neon night  xxx



Jared looked beautiful in Marrakech with his long Hephaistion hair, but I also love him with his very short Attack Video hair!

The second one goodFUCKINGbye bastard

Dear Lord 

Omg This is too cute. 

Omg This is too cute. 


Imagine Jared Leto forgetting to tell you he is going on tour



This is my first fanfic that I have ever truly written and posted… please let me know what you think :)


You shifted in bed slightly as the sunlight came streaming into your bedroom and hitting you right in the face. You scrunched your nose and groaned as you flipped yourself over and splayed out your arm searching for the body that was normally next to you.

                “…Jared…?” you moaned as you lifted your head and looked over to see that his side of the bed was empty, as usual. You groaned as you laid your head back on the pillow, it was still early and he had kept you up for most of the night.

                You smiled as you remembered what had happened last night. The boys had had an amazing concert, and afterwards a small party to celebrate the finishing touches on the latest album. Jared and you had then spent a few hours having some fun in bed. You knew you were gonna be sore when you finally stood up, but it was all totally worth it.

                Getting up you slowly trudged to the bathroom and noticed the clear and beautiful day, so instead of showering you walked to the closet and put on Jared’s favorite bikini. It was all white, with a triad on the butt in blue, and it pushed your breasts up nicely and wrapped around your neck, the bottom tied on the sides and accentuated your backside nicely. Grabbing a towel you walked down the stairs towards the kitchen, a small snack would be nice before swimming.

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